See "The Last Supper" and Leonardo's places of interest in central Milan Would you like to live a typical day in the life of the great Renaissance genius and explore Milan's classic tourist destinations - from Sforzesco Castle to "The Last Supper" - from another point of view? With our special tour, led by true Leonardo experts, you will see the workshop where Leonardo designed his flying machines, where the sensual Lady with an Ermine lived and explore the hidden enigmas of the Sala delle Asse. We will see the secret passageway from Sforzesco Castle to "The Last Supper" and learn about Leonardo's relationships with his disciples, especially with the mysterious, undisciplined "Salai". We will unlock the secrets to his codes, and see for ourselves why "The Last Supper" is considered the masterpiece of all western art. Meeting place in Piazza Duomo, under the portico next to the Mondadori bookstore 90-minute experience ending at "The Last Supper" WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT ORDERS THAT ARE MADE AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS IN ADVANCE. ORDER ARE SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION WITHIN 52 HOURS OF THE ORDER TO PREVENT OVERBOOKING.